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Purchase an Original Painting

A variety of originals in watercolor and originals on canvas are available for sale.

Purchase a print

Prints of almost all my work are available for purchase usually in the same size or proportionally larger or smaller at your request. If you have a special idea in mind, please let me know and I will try to accommodate you. Quality professional prints are available both on paper and on canvas.

Note & Greeting Cards

Gift Cards by Jodi O'CallighanAlmost all my artwork can be duplicated into a note card or greeting card. Having cards at your fingertips is always a plus and everyone loves receiving a card in the mail. All cards are ‘blank’ inside, with my name and contact info on back of card, in small print at bottom.

Cards may be purchased in a variety of your choice.

Commissioned Work

My work has been created in a variety of mediums, previously, and most often, in watercolor, but now the majority of my work is in acrylic, working in thin layers of color until I have reached the desired outcome.

Feel free to contact me with any comments or questions:
or 603-764-5542

House Portrait Samples

house portraits
house portraits