Harbor Art by Jodi

Meet Jody O'Callaghan

I was born and raised on Long Island, NY and spent my summers at Hampton Beach, NH. I enjoyed taking notice of the variation of the colors around me early in life and found a passion to paint.

In 1978, I choose to take a position as groundskeeper at The Hammond Museum in North Salem, NY, consisting of caring and maintaining a 3-acre Japanese Stroll Garden. I discovered the many rewards of working outside, so close to nature, on a daily basis. It was after leaving that position that I began my life of self-employment as an artist, gardener and house painter, 30 + years ago.

Currently residing full time at my home in Warren, NH, which I purchased in 1980, my focus is on full time artwork. My work is inspired, for the most part, by my home, gardens, grandchildren and my environment.

A significantly self-taught artist, my work consists of moments in time, which I have chosen to capture for a variety of reasons. Whether I choose to paint a specific work with the need to preserve a moment or place or venture to a vase of flowers, it’s the element of the ‘challenge’ that initiates the painting.

Samples of My Work

Commissioned Work

My work has been created in a variety of mediums, previously, and most often, in watercolor, but now the majority of my work is in acrylic, working in thin layers of color until I have reached the desired outcome.

Feel free to contact me with any comments or questions:
or 603-764-5542

House Portrait Samples

house portraits
house portraits